1-600 Ton Per Day Corn oil refining equipment

1-600 Ton Per Day Corn Oil Refining Equipment

Corn oil refining equipment

Processing range: various oily materials
Production capacity: 1-600 tons per day
Applications: Soy, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, flax seed and other oily materials
Product introduction: Corn oil refining is mainly to remove impurities, making it a corn germ oil that meets the requirements of oil standards.

Corn oil refining equipment product features

Corn oil refining is mainly to remove impurities, so that it meets the requirements of the oil standard corn germ oil, the oil obtained in the oil production process is a mixture of triglycerides containing other impurities. If the crude oil is leached, it also contains a trace amount of solvent, and the mechanical impurities in the crude oil obtained by the pressing method need to remove the above-mentioned non-triglyceride component. Corn oil must undergo precipitation, filtration, hydration, deodorization and other processes. Sometimes it is necessary to further refine as required, such as alkali refining, decolorization, dewaxing and removal of pollutants.

Corn oil refining equipment product principle

Whether using oil press press or direct leaching and pre-extract leaching, the equipment used in the refined oil process is essentially the same. Crude oil – general refining process – filtration – hydration – deodorization – refining corn oil; or, crude oil – special refining process (alkali refining – decolorization – dewaxing – decontamination) – refining Corn oil.

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