Part 1, Production line working process:

1, crushing pre-heating process:

Raw materials after grinding machine into pellet state,enters into the preheated pot, the purpose of preheating is to heat and mix raw material uses heat conduction oil to achieve a mixed liquid-solid state and suitable mechanical pump conveying,to reduce the resistance of the mechanical pump delivery,to reach the Pipeline transport process requirements. On the other hand, the preheater acts as a material balance for the entire production line.

2, Negative pressure melting and refining process:

The preheated pot preheated raw material into a solid-liquid mixed state,and into the melting pot, open the vacuum pump makes the cooker pot with negative pressure, heat conducting oil starts melting. Due to the smelting under negative vacuum circumstance, so raw material starts vacuum dehydration when the melting temperature reaches to 85 degrees, the degree of vacuum maintained at -0.03–0.06Mpa with the volatilization of the steam. Under vacuum circumstance, the animal oil enters the negative pressure autoclave can quickly realize the separation of oil, water and slag. After the material temperature rises to 115 degrees, the basic reaction of the material is completed. Observed by the sight grass,if the oil has yellow frothing,then open the lower feeding outlet to observe the oil residue dryness and humidity,close the heating valve and vacuum unit after the oil residue becomes hard,  open oil residue Separators, conveyors,begins discharging and the oil miscellaneous separation. The melting time differs according to different raw materials,generally about 1-2 hours.

3, Vacuum dehydration recovery process:

Adopting water jet type vacuum jet pump to make negative pressure state in melting pot, vacuum tube supporting stainless steel tube condensation heat exchanger, vacuum condensation recovery system, evaporation of water vapor in raw materials, molecular mixture of odor molecules, volatiles under vacuum state from The raw material grease is separated and flows into the tube condenser catcher along with the vacuum pipeline, forcedly condenses the evaporated volatile vapors into distilled water to collect in the liquid separation tank under the effect of the cold water circulation heat exchange cooling, thus effectively ensuring the production of the vehicle Factory odorless.

4, Oil residue separation process:

The process adopts a stainless steel sieve type oil residue separator separate crude oil residue from the extract oil residue mixture, and the oil residue with the size larger than 0.5mm is sent to the pressing part through a scraper conveying device, the fine oil residue and the crude oil mixture are pumped into the filter machine process fine filtration.Filter precision mesh uses 316 stainless steel,extract oil and residue separate to a clear and transparent state. After the separation,the residue is sent to the meat powder production line, crude oil is delivered to the finished product tank / refining production line.

Part 2: Negative pressure melting and refining equipment characteristics:

1, automatic feeding, oil, slag discharging, running electronic control automation, greatly reduce labor costs;

2, melting and refining under negative pressure has fast speed (1.5-2h / pot 2.5T), effective and high efficiency;

3, the production area has no smell, do not pollute the environment, corresponding to national environmental protection policies;

4, from the feeding to the oil, slag discharging, the material does not fall, all sealed and closed operation;

5, refined oil has good color, rich flavor, peroxide value, acid value, water impurity is relatively low; (many customers think refining under negative pressure will the oil flavor. Explanation: The boiling point of water in vacuum state is 80 ℃,Odor volatile oil at 200 ℃, the melting equipment the highest temperature is 120 ℃, which belongs to low-temperature vacuum refining, don’t reach the oil smell evaporation point, so the refined oil smell is more fragrant, will not lost. )

6, finished oil residue color is good, low residual oil rate.