Physical refining, chemical refining, which has higher input and output, which is more recommended?

The main difference between chemical refining and physical refining is the deacidification of the entire refining process.

Chemical refining is the use of NaOH to neutralize the acidic substances in the process of a neutralization and produce byproduct soap feet; Physical refining is the way of using high temperature distillation according to the boiling point of the rancidity oil evaporation processing methods, distillation by-product fatty acids . In the same feedstock condition, the chemical deacidification loss is 0.5-1 times higher than that of the physical refining, the chemical deacidification loss is proportional to the acid value (1.5-2: 1), the physical deacidification loss and the acid value are proportional (1 : 1) .

There are two main differences between chemical refining and physical refining.

1. Chemical refining, In the deacidification section, need to add sodium hydroxide, and the yield loss is high, while the physical refining process does not add chemical raw materials, and the yield loss is low!

2. By-products are different

physical refining is fatty acid, which has high value, can be sold to chemical plants.If do further refined, get automotive lubricants, etc.
Chemical refining by product is a saponin, low value, can be used as washing powder, soap.