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our products include oil pressing machine, oil refining machine, oil extraction machine, and oil raw material pretreatment line

canola oil processing plant

Canola oil processing plant is a small scale plant to extract canola oil by pressing method. Small capacity, low investment, simple process, easy to operate, low labor intensity. The rapeseed oil press machine integrates the functions of pressing and filtering. Canola oil extraction plant is equipped with refining equipment to produce high-quality healthy oil. Suitable for […]

flax seed oil production line

The steps of flaxseed oil press line are mainly: Flaxseed selecting → screening → cleaning up impurities → crushing → flaking → conditioning →normal temperature pressing → residue separation → degumming →dehydrating → debittering → crystallization → cryogenic filtration → physical pressed linseed oil Pretreatment equipment:Processing: elevator →Cleaning →elevator →Magnetic drum→Flaking→elevator →cooking→Pre-pressed →to extraction workshop.Main Equipments:1. Oil seeds: flaxseed a […]

soybean oil production line/soya beans oil plant

1>Soybean puffing pretreatment equipment Soybean oil pretreatment machine can highly increase oil yield, ensure soybean oil production process result and finished soybean oil quality.And it can also prolong the life of soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine.  Processing: elevator →Cleaning→elevator→De-stonner→ elevator →.magnetic separation→crushing →elevator →softening →flaking →elevator. →Flat plate drying →to extraction workshop. 2> Soybean oil extraction Our soybean oil extraction machine is energy-saving and […]

palm kernel oil production line

The oil extracted from palm kernels is called palm kernel oil. The oil content of palm kernel is around 50%~55%. Fresh palm kernel oil is edible. Its high stability, free of cholesterol, free of trans fatty acids make it particularly popular in frying use and are good for human health. In industrial production, palm kernel […]

Sesame oil production line

Sesame oil does not require strict purification and refining, in fact it is a rare vegetable oil that can be used without refining. Crude sesame oil obtained by the press method often contains suspended meal particles, which can be removed by precipitation, separation or filtration. Crude sesame filtered crude oil produced by the factory also […]

Walnut oil refining production line

Processes oil walnut oil production line walnut hulling→walnut grading, shelling and separating →walnut oil pressing→twice pressing→crude walnut oil filtering→walnut oil refining Craft flow for walnut oil refinery plant: Crude walnut oil → degumming and deacidification→ decolorization →deodorization →dewaxing→ refined corn germ oil. Walnut oil refining plant main steps: Crude walnut oil degumming: In this step […]

Coconut oil production line

The coconut oil production line mainly includes crushing section, cooking section, oil pressing section, oil refining section, oil refining process include degumming & de-acidification, bleaching deodorization. Common coconut oil plant processing steps: a. Pre-treatment Process of coconut oil extraction machine: Copra → Cleaning → crusher → cooking – pre-press → twice pressing → crude oil […]

Peanut oil extraction machine

Leaching, also called extraction. Extraction is an essential part of the oil production process.The extraction method is a kind of oil production process. Using oil and organic solvent mutual dissolution properties, the oil is crush-pressed into a green sheet or puffed, and then contacted with an organic solvent such as n-hexane and an oil green sheet in […]

Mutton tallow/beef fat melt refinery and bleaching equipment

Animal oil production line, especially for animal fat and oil, after Drying, degreasing, grinding and other procedures the animal meat will be completely broken down into fat and bone meal. Oil can be made into industrial oils, feeding oils, biodiesel, etc. The meat and bone meal can be used to make high protein feed and […]

High quality Beef oil refining and bleaching equipment

Beef tallow oil refining equipment introduction: i.Equipment Features : low investment , wide applicability , strong practicability , easy operation and abundant configuration . ii. Beef tallow oil refining Process: Crude beef tallow oil. →Degumming and deacidification. →Decolorization. →Deodorization. →Refined beef oil iii.Main equipment: Refining pot: remove the crude oil insoluble impurities, using sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, and other […]