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our products include oil pressing machine, oil refining machine, oil extraction machine, and oil raw material pretreatment line

Vegetable Seeds oil solvent extraction plant

1. Introduction (1) Function: Leaching system is an oil extraction through soaking or spraying pre-pressed cake by a certain organic solvent. The principle of this part is the different solubility of solvent. (2) Use range: Solvent extraction fits for pre-press extraction of high-oil -content materials and direct once time extraction of low-oil-content materials. (3) Main […]

10 tons per day cooking oil refinery production line

what is chemical refining and physical refining for vegetable oil Chemical refining process selection:1) The acid value of oil and fat is low (acid value is less than 10%) and it is recommended to use chemical refining for refractory substances. (For example, aflatoxin contained in peanut oil is chemically refined, and it can be simultaneously […]

Sunflower seeds oil press extraction plant

A. Pretreatment equipment:Processing: elevator →Cleaning →elevator →Magnetic drum→Flaking→elevator →cooking→Pre-pressed →to extraction workshop. Main Equipments:1. Oil seeds: rapeseed a tranditional oilseed. It can be made to normal rapeseed oil and refined soybean oil. It is popular in many countries. 2. Magnetic box: Clearing the iron impurity which might be in the rapeseed. The iron impurity will be harmful to the following […]

Sunflower seed oil refining machine

Physical refining, chemical refining, which has higher input and output, which is more recommended? The main difference between chemical refining and physical refining is the deacidification of the entire refining process. Chemical refining is the use of NaOH to neutralize the acidic substances in the process of a neutralization and produce byproduct soap feet; Physical […]

soybean oil extraction equipment

soybean oil extracting machinery,solvent extraction system Crude oil → degumming and deacidification→ decolorization →deodorization→ dewaxing & winterizing→ refined oil. The neutralizing tank is used for acid for acid,alkali refining or rinse;The decoloring tank is for bleaching grease;The deodorizing tank is sued for deodotization tank;The conducting oil furnance provide the heating for production;The vacuum pump provide […]

Animal oil machine

Animal Oil Equipment, Also Named Animal Oil Refining Equipment, In The Extraction Of Animal Offal And Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Derived Fat. Henan Hanson Use Of Research And Development Of New Environmentally Friendly Animal Oil Refining Equipment, Popular In Domestic And Overseas Markets. Introduction: As Pigs, Cattle, Chickens, Ducks And Other Animal Breeding Scale, A Large […]

peanut oil making machine

Our peanut oil extraction machine is suitable to all kinds of oil seeds, eg: sunflower, soybean, sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cotton seed, corn germ, walnut, almond, castor seed, palm kernel, palm fruit etc. We can supply, oil seed pressing section, solvent extraction section, crude oil refining section, dewaxing section, palm oil fractionation section ect. pretreatment and […]

sunflower oil refining machine

Section 1: Flow Chart of sunflower Seeds Pretreatment Workshop sunflower Seeds→ Magnetic Separation→ Cleaning and Stone Removing →Crushing →Conditioning →Flaking →Drying →To Extraction Workshop The main Production introduction of sunflower Seeds oil extraction machine1.Solvent pumps: continuously spray solvent to the rotary-type extractor 2.Roary extractor: Spray and soak the pre-pressed cake with solvent so that oil […]