Edible Oil Refinery Processing and Flow

Edible Oil Refinery Processing and Flow

After the initial processing, the animal and vegetable oils will get the crude oil, and the crude oil can not be used directly because it contains some impurities or harmful substances. In this case, it is necessary to use oil refining equipment to refine and purify the oil, to reduce harmful substances, etc.

Edible Oil Refinery Equipment machine and how the equipment can work to make crude oil come to refined edible oil.

What equipments does the process of edible oil refinery need?(Process Description)

a. Degumming

The purpose of degumming is to remove impurities such as phospholipids, gums, proteins and etc. There are several methods as follows: water degumming, acid degumming, special degumming and etc.

b. Neutralizing

The purpose of neutralizing is to remove free fatty acid in edible oil by using caustic soda while removing impurities such as phospholipid, pigments, metal ions and peroxide under the adsorption of soap stock.

c. Bleaching

Bleaching is the process which removes coloured matters by mixing bleaching earth with edible oil under controlled conditions of temperature. After proper mixing with bleaching earth for a specific residence time, the mixture is finally pumped into leaf filters with stainless steel mesh elements followed by polishing filtration.

d. Deodorizing

Deodorizing is the final stage in edible oil refining in order to remove odoriferous material, free fatty acids and other undesired minor components by steam distillation under condition of high temperature and vacuum to produce a bland oil with a good shelf life.

e. Dewaxing

Through automatic control system, combined with crystallization curve (time-amount of crystallinity) of different oil, crystals in oil grow and finally can be separated by filtration to obtain dewaxed oil.


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