Solvent Extraction Plants

The purpose of solvent extraction is to extract the oil from oil bearing materials by means of solvent – a petroleum by-product. Solvent extraction plant, however, is the one of the most modern methods of recovery of oil from oil bearing materials at very low temperature under vacuum to produce excellent quality of oil.

Our range including soya been seed solvent extraction plant, cotton seed solvent extraction plant, sunflower seed solvent extraction plant, peanut/groundnut solvent extraction plant, rice bran solvent extraction plant, palm kernel solvent extraction plant, corn solvent extraction plant,  and many more.

Hanson provides Turn -Key Solution for Batch & Continuous type Solvent Extraction Plant from 50 to 1000 TPD Capacity.

The following stages are involved in the process of solvent extraction:

1>Preparation of raw material for extraction.
2>Extraction of oil from the pre-processed raw material.
3>Removal of solvent from the extracted material.
4>Distillation of solvent from the miscella.
5>Stripping of Oil to remove traces of solvent.
7>Condensation of all solvent vapours in condensers to receive the solvent for further use.
8>Solvent recovery by absorption from vent air through Chilling section.
9>Bagging of de-oiled meal and filling of finished product oil in containers.

Problems and Solutions:

1.Go to the rotating body is not normal, beep or sudden stop:

The reason is the chain slack or partial or full loss; reducer fault or sprocket Sealing, etc;

2, A meal or an abnormal load increase scraper sound:

The reason is that under the hopper blanking not normal; wet meal containing excessive moisture and solvent; subsequent steam offline blocking materials; scraper mechanical failure itself;

3, Under the hopper bypass:

The reason is that under the hopper overflow into the mixed oil or aqueous solvent resulting in poor cutting;

4, Mixed oil concentration is not high:

The reason may be self-circulating spray amount is too small; or fresh solvent is not enough; leaching temperature is too low, poor permeability leaching time is not enough to affect the oil;

5, Do not fall down residual meal:

The reason is excessive or solvent feed ratio is too small, too small mixed oil circulating spray; feed moisture content is too high embryo; extractor speed is too fast and so on.