Olive oil making machine

Introduction of olive oil making machine

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Hanson is Self-contained and modular machines are available in a range of sizes.
Machine capacities range from 40Kgs per hour, up to 2 Tonne per hour.


Technical characteristics:

  1. the biogas residue is a kind of complex material is not afraid to wear, smooth water, rely on is spiral and screen the effective cooperation and achieve the purpose of separating and pressing.
  2. the extrusion separator successfully resolved the screen clogging problems, its core technology is a spiral and the screen with the screen in order to achieve self-cleaning function, that is, by special device and spiral interact to stir materials, the way to avoid material holding shaft, and secondly, the material in the spiral forward in the process of the realization of material particles rub off screen blockage;
  3. the control of tail cone different in the common market of spring, hydraulic, hand wheel, and the maintenance cost is extremely low pneumatic device, through specific design, the effective realization of the control of the material crushing “back pressure”, that is, set some pressing pressure, the device will automatically realizing press force control of materials, avoid slag suddenly suddenly dry wet, and the extrusion separator due to the superposition principle of compression, and is particularly suitable for assembly line work, to avoid the ordinary press needs to malpractice;
  4.  press machine screen sieve are two and a half, for food processing and fruit and vegetable processing industry, you can easily open thoroughly cleaned, and can realize the network internal and external CIP alkaline cleaning without dismantling the and outer screen can achieve water cleaning time (alt.), all of these are the effective realization of the demanding requirements of the industry related to health;
  5. sandblasting, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple structure, drive low-speed, high torque output, low noise, no vibration, is driven both by the few parts, wearing parts need to be replaced by the less, low maintenance cost is choice for you for solid-liquid separation and the processing of fruits and vegetables.

Working Principle:

The spiral press machine based on superposition compression principle of design, mainly rely on into the material box, a screw, a screen, a gas dynamic tail cone four to achieve the material squeezing separation of purpose. Materials to be processed after pump or screw tools such as evenly conveying to the spiral extrusion separator feed mouth, through the spiral blade of extrusion and screen filter, water or juice after screen flow to under the machine water receiving disc collected through a pipe picked up press after the separation of slag through the conveyor belt to refer to the place.


1. Continuous operation, kill “frame-type”, “hydraulic”, saving manpower.
2. Stable operation at low speed, material temperature does not rise.
3. With the principle of superposition compression, the low-power can achieve the pressing effect and save energy.
4. The feed box is specially designed, which is not easy to cause “bridge” phenomenon.
5. It avoids the disadvantages of the belt press continuously spraying water to prevent the material from clogging the filter belt, saving water resources.

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