Olive press production line

Introduction of the olive press production line

The key of fresh olive oil is different from the normal requirements of press, peanuts, soybeans and other common high temperature frying oil, I ZTZY type spiral extrusion separator belongs to normal temperature and extrusion separation equipment, the extrusion process does not make the material temperature rise is a good solution to the exploitation of these plants the requirements of low temperature process.

Here is olive oil at room temperature press introduced for reference:
Olive oil production process and equipment is relatively simple. The traditional approach is to be mature, after cleaning the olive fruit put crushed in stone, and then use the special cleaning bag installed on extrusion machine. The oil squeezed out by filtration, precipitation, bottling, can be refined oil. The modern oil making process is to separate oil and slag rapidly with high-speed centrifuges, which effectively improves the oil yield and the quality of the oil.

Olive oil press process:
Fresh fruit collection, transportation and storage, cleaning and crushing of branches and leaves, crushing at room temperature, fusion, centrifugal separation of juice residue, centrifugal separation of water and oil, storage, bottling.

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