Our service

Henan Hanson machinery Co., Ltd. has always putting the interests of customers and quality first, insists the service aims better service. We promise to provide quality machinery and improve on-site and after-sales service. Specific commitments are as follows:

  1. Guarantee to deliverycomplete sets of equipment and accessories on time;
  2. Guarantee the installation hasqualified acceptance;
  3. Guaranteeto provide customers high-quality materials,preferential prices.;
  4. Priorityprovide customers our research and development of new products, new technology.
  5. Free training operator andtechnician,ensure independently operation;
  6. During installationtime,we send supervisor at the installation site;
  7. We appoint experienced project manager to organize a comprehensive technical installation and team on-site commissioning work;
  8. After the equipment is assembled and installed on the site, we will be responsible for the single machine,full line debug and feed trial run to ensure equipment normal running under full load conditions.
  9. During the machine warranty period,due to the damage caused by the quality of the equipment itself, we will repair or replace the spare parts for free. Due to customer-caused damages, we only charge for material costs for maintenance or replacement.

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