1. Oil refining Method classification : mechanical refining, chemical refining , physical refining.

Main Processing: fitration,Hydration(degumming),neutralization (decidification), adsorption(decolorization), freezing(dewaxing,de-stearine,) distillation (deodorization), etc.

Process classification:According to the oil materials , crude oil extract craft,oil grade, process capacity and oil refining craft are different, our company designs three refining models: batch refining equipment. Semi-continious refining equipment(chemical refining), Continuous refining equipment(physical refining).

2. Winterizing Dewaxing equipment

Product description: conventional dewaxing is a method of dewaxing by freeze-crystallization alone, and use mechanical method separate oil without any auxiliary agent or auxiliary methods. The separation is filtered by plate and frame filter press,which is simple primary crystallization, filtration method. For example, the oil after deodorization is pumped into the crystal tank, stirred slowly, fully cooled to a certain temperature under normal pressure, and the whole cooling crystallization process maintains a certain reaction time,then filter the oil, wax. The filtration pressure is maintained at 0.3-0.35 MPa. After filtration, the oil contained in the wax should be blown out in time using compressed air.